Event Info + FAQ: Concerts from the Car @ Hoover Met Complex

UPDATE: The amendment to "Safer At Home" allows fans at our upcoming shows to watch the concerts from lawn chairs.  All attendees will be allowed utilize the empty parking space on the passenger side of their vehicle, creating an 8' barrier between groups.  You may also watch from the tailgate of a truck.  We are excited to celebrate live music with you!

Our goal is to provide a fun night of entertainment while maintaining appropriate social-distancing in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Each carload will be designated a double-parking space.  Patrons are required to remain either in your vehicle or in the parking space immediately next to your vehicle.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in immediate ejection from venue with no refund.  Restrooms will be located in designated areas.  Patrons may utilize restrooms but must adhere to social distancing and employ proper sanitation measures.

FM radios are required to hear the concert.  Audio will be transmitted over an FM station exclusive to those on site.  The station channel will be communicated upon arrival at the venue for each performance. 

The parking lot will open for General Admission at 6pm each night.  Parking is first-come, first-serve by zone and vehicle type.  Each ticket is designated as an SUV/Minivan, Sedan, OR Oversize SUV/Truck.  The type of vehicle on your ticket MUST match the type of vehicle you arrive in.  Any vehicles over 72” must have an Oversize ticket.

We suggest arriving no later than 7:15pm to ensure that all vehicles are parked in advance of 8:00pm showtime.  No refunds will be given if you are not in your parking space on time and miss the beginning of the performance.

The show will begin at 8pm and will end at approximately 9:45pm.  All vehicles must remain in the parking lot for the duration of the show and exit immediately following the performance.  Parking attendants will be on site to direct entry and exit.

Remember to fuel up before arriving at the venue.  We don’t want you to run out of gas.

If you are feeling sick or have a fever, please stay home.  Our first goal is the health of our attendees and staff, and our ability to achieve this goal depends on each individual making responsible choices.



What is the difference between a Premium Parking Pass, Tier 1 Parking Pass, and Tier 2 Parking Pass?

           We have worked incredibly hard to make sure every parking space has an optimal view of the stage.  Premium parking is reserved parking in the center of the venue with the best sight lines of the stage.  Imagine going to a football game and wanting to sit between the 40 yard lines.  That is what has been created with Premium Parking.  Premium parking pass quantities are extremely limited.  Locations for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Parking are indicated on our general site map.  

What is the maximum height of a vehicle that will be allowed into the venue?

            All vehicle sizes will be allowed in the venue.  If you are in an Oversize SUV or truck, you must purchase an Oversize Parking Pass.  The maximum height of an SUV that will be allowed in any non-oversize parking area is 72”.  Any vehicle taller than 72” will not be permitted in these sections.   

Why do I have to purchase a ticket that matches the type of vehicle I am traveling in?

            We have worked very hard to design a venue that provides an optimal experience for all patrons to enjoy a live concert during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  In an effort to minimize viewing obstructions, we have designed a parking configuration based upon vehicle heights.  As a result, we have limited the number of tickets available for each type of vehicle based upon size.  If you purchase a ticket for a sedan and arrive in an SUV/Minivan, we will not be able to accommodate your vehicle within our configuration and entry will be refused without refund.  If you purchase a ticket for an SUV/Minivan and arrive in a sedan, we will park you in an SUV parking space and cannot guarantee optimal line of sight to the stage.  No refund will be given if you arrive in a vehicle that does not match your ticket.

What if I arrive in a car taller than 72” but didn't purchase an Oversize Parking Pass?

            If you arrive in a car taller than 72” and did not purchase an Oversize Parking Pass you may be denied entry and you will not be given a refund.  Please work with us to ensure this is a wonderful experience for everyone and come in a vehicle that matches your ticket.

How do I redeem my ticket?

            Please drive down Stadium Trace Parkway and follow traffic signs and police direction to turn onto Ben Chapman Drive.  Proceed to our ticket attendants and show your ticket confirmation barcode.  DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE.  You will be given a coded parking pass to help our parking attendants direct you to the proper area.  If you purchased a t-shirt or poster in advance, these will be distributed to you upon arrival by our ticket attendants.  Please follow all signage and attendant directions. 

Can I buy a ticket at the venue?

            No, all tickets are sold online in advance.  There will be no sales at the entrance in order to protect patrons and our staff.

Can we bring food and beverage?

            Yes, you can bring any food or beverage you would like.  No drinking and driving.  Alcohol is permitted, but anyone driving or in the driver’s seat is not permitted to drink alcohol.    Drivers will be wristbanded upon arrival and subject to random sobriety testing by law enforcement.  Wristband compliance will be checked throughout the venue by local law enforcement as well as upon departure.  Any drivers found in violation of Alabama DUI laws will be arrested and prosecuted.  You must be 21 or older to consume alcohol.  Please drink responsibly.

Will food and beverage be available for purchase on site?

            No, but we encourage you to bring your own food and beverage!

Where do we put our trash?

            In an effort to minimize contact and germs, we request that all trash be kept in your vehicle and that you dispose of it upon returning home after the concert.  Trash receptacles will be set up outside all bathrooms to dispose of any paper towels, gloves, or sanitizing wipes.

Are there any restrooms?

            Yes, we will have restrooms along the perimeter of the parking area.  Each restroom station will have a hand sanitizing station as well.  Please exercise social distancing measures if there is a line for the restrooms.

Are any items forbidden?

            All patrons entering the venue are subject to screening.  This includes bag searches, physical pat-downs, the use of metal detectors, and any other method employed by security personnel.  The following items are strictly prohibited: weapons of any kind (including firearms), drugs, controlled substances, laser pointers, strobe lights, and irritants.  

How long is the show?

            Each show will run approximately 105-120 minutes.  We will perform the album note-for-note, sound-for-sound, followed by an introduction of the band and an immediate start to our greatest hits set.  We will not have a standard intermission.

Is the venue ADA compliant and accessible?

            Yes, the venue is ADA compliant.

Can we get out of our vehicles?       

Yes, you can get out of your vehicle and set up lawn chairs on the passenger side of your vehicle.  If you leave your designated parking space, please respect your fellow concert-goers and practice social distancing measures.

Can I sit in the bed of my truck or back of my SUV and watch?

            Yes.  Governor Ivey's updated "Safer At Home" order allows for patrons to be outside of their vehicles as long as social distancing measures are implemented.

How many people can be in my vehicle?

            The number of occupants in your vehicle cannot surpass the number of seatbelts.  

Are any vehicles prohibited from attending?

            Large passenger vans (larger than a minivan), conversion vans, oversize trucks, or any vehicles with oversize tires must purchase an Oversize Parking Pass.  It is our goal for this to be a wonderful experience for all patrons, and these vehicle types can impede the view of other attendees unless parked in the specifically designated areas.  No trailers will be allowed.

Can I hear the concert if my FM radio doesn’t work?

            No.  The only way to listen to the concert will be over a localized FM signal.

Do I need to wear a mask?

            We request that you utilize a mask upon arrival in order to safely communicate with our ticketing attendants.  We also recommend you utilize your mask if you need to leave your designated parking space and use the restroom.  This is for the safety of you and our other guests.